The Australian

March 1, 2003

“…Credit is also due to some clever orchestrations by David Campbell and a decent sound engineering job that meant you could actually hear all the instruments…”

“…There were moments in songs such as Psycho Circus and Destroyer that were simply exhilarating…”

– By Martin Ball

The Herald Sun (Australia)

March 1, 2003

“…Musical arranger David Campbell was the real hero of the day, orchestrating Kiss hits with the mandatory aggression, testosterone and drama – making the MSO [Melbourne Symphony Orchestra] rock, quite literally…”

– By Cameron Adams

Hit Herald Sun (Australia)

February 27, 2003

“…KISS and arranger David Campbell have spent the past few months ensuring the KISS Symphony will look and sound as amazing as they have been telling everyone it will…

“…The show is divided into three parts: a traditional KISS rock show, an unplugged section with 10-piece string section, then a grand finale with KISS and the entire MSO [Melbourne Symphony Orchestra] and the trademark pyrotechnic onslaught…”

– By Cameron Adams


(Beck “Sea Change” review)


October 3, 2002

“The coal-gray cry of string arrangements by Beck’s father, David Campbell, in “Lonesome Tears” and “Round the Bend” recall Robert Kirby’s exquisite orchestrations on Drake’s 1969 album Five Leaves Left.”

– By David Fricke

Rolling Stone

August 31, 2000

Los Angeles Times Calendar

January 16, 1999

Rolling Stone

June 3, 1976

“John David Souther’s second solo album benefits from a beautiful, all-star Peter Asher production. More sophisticated than either his first album or the two Souther-Hillman-Furay albums, Black Rose underscores Souther’s melodic writing, his strongest point, with some genuinely innovative arrangements by David Campbell, the classically trained musician who scored ‘Prisoner in Disguise’ for Linda Ronstadt. ‘Silver Blue,’ much of which Campbell has scored as a duet for voice and plucked double pass and violas, is a starkly arresting production, while setting ‘Faithless Love’ into a semiformal piece for voice, acoustic guitar and chamber ensemble transforms a prettier-than-average country-rock ballad into an eloquent one. ‘Doors Swing Open,’ a complex tune based on ninth and minor sixth chords, boasts an elegantly lush arrangement that both gives it shape and highlights its lovely chromaticism.”

– By Stephen Holden