TV Scores

Puff the Magic Dragon

Emmy “Original Music Composed
for an Animated Special”
3 CBS primetime animated specials. Folk-rock style score with orchestral instruments, stars Burgess Meredith (co-composer P. Yarrow).

Thanksgiving in the Land of Oz

CBS primetime animated special. Orchestral- choral score in ’40’s movie-musical style. Stars Sid Caesar. (Co-composed).

Survival Guides

PBS short. Dir. Jonathan Demme, starring Rosanna Arquette, David Byrne. Comedy using Nino Rota-type score. (Co-composed).


PBS award-winning series theme/title music. Mexican-South American style music using ethnic harp, percussion and guitar. (Co-composed).

Breakin’ Through

Disney Channel, starring Ben Vereen. Dir. Peter Medak. Original hip-hop tracks and Broadway-style cues used for underscore and dance sequences.

Good Morning America

Theme Music (arranger)