Personal Bio


Born in Toronto of Canadian parents (father, D. Warren Campbell, was a Presbyterian minister), David Campbell grew up mostly in Seattle. His sister Sharlene, a high school vice principal, still lives there with her children Clark and Glynis, both public school teachers.

With actress/writer/art maven Bibbe Hansen, David had two sons, Beck and Channing, raising them together for 16 years in an LA household which included extended visits by Bibbe’s father, Al Hansen, seminal Fluxus collage and performance artist, whose influence can be seen in both sons’ artistic work. Channing’s main focus is in performance art, and Beck, in addition to his music career, has an art show with his grandfather, “Playing with Matches”, which has toured numerous cities for a couple of years. Bibbe and her husband Sean Carrillo act as curators of this show, and at all the shows, Channing has performed some of Al Hansen’s classic “Happenings”.

In 1987, David married composer and vocalist Raven Kane. While raising their daughter Alyssa (a dancer/singer/actress & former figure skating champion), they have collaborated on numerous songs, recordings and musicals, including “Survival of the Heart” and Raven’s newest musical, Artaria. Raven has composed shows and had them produced in prestigious venues such as the Goodspeed Opera House and La Mirada Theater for the Performing Arts. As a singer, she has recorded or performed with Paul McCartney, Neil Diamond (duet partner on world tour), Cher, Willie Nelson and many others.