Spiritual & Community Interests

Spiritual and Community interests

Throughout David’s professional career he has been a frequent student on Scientology courses. “This has appealed to me for years due to its roots in Asian philosophy, combined with the pragmatism of western scientific thought. From insights I’ve gained on these courses, I’ve found it much easier to stay fresh and focused in such a high-pressure career. I don’t suffer from burnout even after long hours, and the projects I do are as stimulating to me as they were in the beginning of my career. I think I understand people’s intentions better because of what I’ve learned, which is valuable in the process of truly discovering what an artist, producer or director is asking of me creatively.

Also, in using these very precise techniques over the years, I’ve experienced the pleasure of helping friends in such non-musical pursuits as career enhancement, patching up marriage upsets, aiding study problems, helping a stroke victim to completely overcome paralysis, or helping illnesses or broken bones to heal quickly. This is a type of community service and it’s as equally rewarding as the artistic high points.”

Campbell participates in various activities at Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, which holds benefits for the Hollywood Arts Council and the LAPD youth programs, among others, is active in helping to rebuild the Hollywood area and aids artists of all types in their careers.

He’s also active in the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights, a group working to better conditions in the mental health field.