Can you record an orchestra during COVID?

There are lots of options.

We’ve been recording remotely, or in person, with orchestras — large or small — at studios in Hollywood, Nashville, London, Prague and Tokyo. Check out the highlights below!

Charlie Puth Recording Session

James Arthur String Trio

One OK Rock feat. Ed Sheeran (with Orchestra)

Upcoming Releases

· Michael Bublé
· Backstreet Boys (Christmas Album)
· Ozzy Osborne (Album)
· Dave Matthews Band (Album)
· Elton John (Album)
· Eddie Vedder (Album)
· Promised Land (ABC Drama 2021)
· Finch (2021 Film)
· Beach House (Album)
· Garth Brooks (Album)
· Edgar Winter (Single)
· Marti Pellow (Album)
· Joe Bonamassa with Symphony Orchestra

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