“He understood that film-music thing we were looking for. And he found a lot of amazing people. These include the man who played trumpet on Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition.”

— Matt Bellamy (Muse)

“David, plain and simple this record would not be what it is without you.  Your time, energy, and brilliant out-of-the-box thinking and writing made my ‘band’ (all 60 of them) soar around these songs.”

— Josh Groban

“You meet a lot of people in various creative endeavors, and you can sense when someone gets it. ‘Getting it’ is a very amorphous, indefinable state of being, but it cuts across all aspects of life…I have this whole soliloquy I sometimes do in our shows about people who get it and people who don’t get it. David is one of those who gets it.”

— Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie)

“Dave Campbell- you are so gifted, and I will always look forward to working with you. You take our music to a whole new level, and it wouldn’t be Evanescence without you.”

— Amy Lee (Evanescence)

“…I want to thank a few people. I want to thank Ang Lee for his vision, his support, his guidance. I want to thank…My orchestrator, David Campbell, Bob Bernstein, Ron Goldstein. I want to thank my family, my wife Alejandra, my kids Anna, Luna and Don Juan, and last but not least, I want to dedicate this to my mother, a mi madre, to my country, Argentina, and to all the latinos. Para todos Latinos, muchas gracias, thank you.”

— Gustavo Santaolalla (From his Oscar acceptance speech for “Brokeback Mountain”)

“[My Father] always had an ear for the weirder harmonies. That’s probably what he passed to me”

— Beck

“He never does stuff that’s ordinary. He always takes the records I do up to a higher level. He really does his homework and listens to a song and goes for the throat of the emotion”

— Rob Cavallo (produced Green Day, Goo Goo Dolls, Alanis Morissette, etc.)

Josh Abraham
Walter Afanasieff
Elton Ahi
Lou Adler
Peter Amato
David Anderle
Ken Andrews
Ron Aniello
Gregg Archilla
Peter Asher (Producer of the Year 1977, 1989) (Nominated Producer of the Year 1975, 1978)
Dallas Austin
Neal Avron
Howie B (Nominated Producer of the Year 1990, 1995)
Babyface (Producer of the year 1996, 1997, 1998)
Glen Ballard
Andy Barlow
Jay Baumgardner
Eric Bazilian
Rick Beato
Barry Beckett
Michael Beinhorn
Howard Benson
Tony Berg
John Beug
Louis Biancaniello
Suzy Bogguss
Daniel Borner
Gustavo Borner
Jimmy Bowen
John Boylan
Jon Brion
Gregg Brown
Tony Brown (Nominated Producer of the Year 1993)
Robbie Buchanan
Kim Bullard
John Burke
Mario Caldato Jr.
The Calloway Brothers
Mike Campbell
Andreas Carlsson
Jeremy Carlton
Michael Carney
Benny Cassette
Rob Cavallo (Producer of the Year 1998)
Ed Cherney
Rob Chiarelli
Joe Chicarelli
Desmond Child
Tena Clark
Stanley Clarke
Mike Clink
Leonard Cohen
Jude Cole
Peter Collins
Phil Collins (Nominated Producer of the Year 1985, 1990)
Chick Corea
Scott Cutler
Def Leppard
Dean Deleo
Robert Deleo
Tom Dowd
Beau Dozier
George Drakoulias
Gus Dudgeon (Nominated Producer of the Year 1975)
Andy Duncan
The Dust Brothers
Luke Ebbin
Mike Elizondo
Ahmet Ertegun
Emilio Estefan Jr. (Nominated Producer of the Year 1989)
Benny Faccone
John Farrar
Dave Fortman
David Foster (Producer of the Year 1984, 1991, 1993) (Nominated Producer of the Year 1982, 1985, 1986, 1994, 1996)
Paul Fox
Rob Fraboni
Jud Friedman
Garth Fundis
Toby Gad
Byron Gallimore
John Gamble
Val Garay (Nominated Producer of the Year 1981)
Humberto Gatica
Don Gehman (Nominated Producer of the Year 1982, 1987, 1996)
Don Gilmore
Lou Giordano
Nigel Godrich (Nominated Producer of the Year 2001, 2004, 2009)
Noel Golden
Steve Goldstein
Goo Goo Dolls
Macy Gray
Ben Grosse
John Guess
Roy Halee
Albert Hammond
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Beck Hansen
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Saul Hernandez & Alfonso Andre
Dennis Herring
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Tony Hoffer
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Frankie J
Alonzo Jackson
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Fred Jerkins
Rodney Jerkins
London Jones
Johnny K
David Kahn
Anibal Kerpel
David Kershenbaum (Nominated Producer of the Year 1988)
Larry Klein
Danny Kortchmar (Nominated Producer of the Year 1985)
Greg Ladanyi (Nominated Producer of the Year 1985)
Brad Laner
Nick Launey
Jared Levine
Steve Levine
Stewart Levine
Jon Lind
Steve Lindsey
Steven Lipson
Steven Lironi
Andrew Logan
Dr. Luke
Lori Lynner
Clif Magness
David Malloy
Billy Mann
Chris Martin
Max Martin
Nick Martinelli
Harvey Mason Jr.
George Massenburg
Michael Masser
The Matrix
Masataka Matsutoya
Yumi Matsutoya
Guto Mello
Lester Mendez
Ben Moody
Alanis Morrisette
Mark Needham
Josh Newman
Justin Niebank
George Noriega
Gil Norton
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Brendan O’Brien (Producer of the Year 2010)
Rick Ocasek
Hajime Okano
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Rick Parker
Scott Parker
Greg Penny
Richard Perry (Nominated Producer of the Year 1976, 1977)
Ricky Peterson
Mickey Petralia
Chuck Plotkin
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KC Porter
Jack Josheph Puig
Julian Raymond
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Carmen Rizzo
Dee Robb
Robbie Robertson
Wade Robson
Guy Roche
Bob Rock
Omar Rodriguez
Mark Ronson (Producer of the Year 2008)
Linda Ronstadt
Robi “Draco” Rosa
Steven Rosen
Dante Ross
Dennis Ross
Paul Rothchild
Rick Rubin (Producer of the Year 2006)
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Hirokazu Sakurai
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